Loney Dear
»The Meter Marks OK«
Haldern Pop Festival 2008

Emil Svanängen and his eight-piece band see themselves as more of a mini orchestra. Their delicate, lighter than air, how should we put it, folk pop guitar sound will enchant even those who are not in love. The 27 year old nailed together hundreds of songs in his parents' Jönköping (hometowm of Emanuel Lundgren from “I'm From Barcelona”) cellar and in his Stockholm student bedsit. The result is Nordic neo-folk à la Belle & Sebastian with computer circuits, percussion, clarinet, samples, miniature organs and homemade instruments. At first he distributed his own burned CDs himself. It didn't taken long for record companies to sit up and take notice of the falsetto phenomenon, whose 'Sologne' CD is well worth owning for 'The City, The Airport'. How splendid that Loney, Dear has found a home at the Haldern Pop Festival.
(Haldern Pop »Datt Blatt«)

Loney, Dear is the pseudonym of Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen. He has self-released four albums of music in his native Sweden. His first major release came in February, 2007 in the U.S. when Sub Pop re-issued his latest album Loney, Noir.

Emil Svanängen self-released his first album, The Year of River Fontana, in 2003. Recorded in the basement of his parents' home in Jönköping with a minidisk microphone and a home computer, released on home-made CD-Rs, and sold only through his website and at live performances. The album became popular solely on word-of-mouth. The next two years saw Svanängen record and release three more albums.

When Loney, Dear play live, Svanängen is joined by Samuel Starck (keyboards), Malin Ståhlberg (tambourine, vocals), Ola Hultgren (drums), and David Lindvall (bass). Loney, Dear appeared on the song "This Boy" from I'm From Barcelona's 2006 album Let Me Introduce My Friends.

In 2006 Loney, Dear was signed by U.S. record label Sub Pop. Sub Pop released Loney, Dear's fourth album, Loney, Noir, on February 6, 2007.

Loney, Dear recently toured America, opening with Pigeon John for of Montreal, and as of April 2007, were on a North American tour with fellow Sub Pop labelmates Low. Shortly following this tour the band visited Europe, having just finished a tour supporting Chicago post-rockers The Sea and Cake. In Britain, he supported the London band Athlete on their UK tour and Maps at their Kings College London Student Union show.

In 2009, Loney, Dear joined Andrew Bird as he toured to support Bird's January release of Noble Beast.

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Official website: www.loneydear.com
MySpace page: www.myspace.com/loneydear

This song was recorded live
at the Mirror Tent
at Haldern Pop Festival 2008

Video: SpringerParker
Sound: Modo Bierkamp