Gisbert zu Knyphausen
»Spieglein, Spieglein«
Haldern Pop Festival 2008

Melancholy is out. Sung to death and lost to coquetry, like an officer's greatcoat in a puddle. Along came a young fellow from Rheingau in Hessen, now residing in Hamburg, announcing: “My name is Gisbert zu Knyphausen and that is my real name”. This is his favoured introduction and it usually silences the murmurs, rustling, indeed almost negates the stink of beer in the halls where he performs. He sings of morning lethargy, the search for solidity, and about getting drunk. Without ever sounding superficial, embarrassing or unconsidered. On the contrary, this is serious, sad ans infinitely authentic. Listening to Gisbert zu Knyphausen is like burying your feet in sand or resting your cheek on warm wood. He has restored dignity to melancholy. We want more melancholy. His voice is unique, genuine, with a tale to tell. One listens to his songs and waits for oneself. I like listening to Gisbert and I don't know why. Perhaps that is waht makes it so wonderfully never feels the need to explain.
(Haldern Pop »Datt Blatt«)

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This song was recorded live
at the Mirror Tent
at Haldern Pop Festival 2008

Video: SpringerParker
Sound: Modo Bierkamp