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What is Haldern ?
Haldern is a nice little village in the lower Rhine area in Germany. Amongst other events it is home of the annual Haldern Pop Festival.

What is the Haldern Pop Festival ?
The Haldern Pop Festival was brought to life in 1981 by a group of former altar boys. It started off as a simple village party with canned music, but the surprisingly enthusiastic reception among local attendees led to the party being repeated on an annual basis. As the event continued to grow, the organizers began recruiting “shareholders” from the village, who invested their own money and time in putting on the party. This form of organization has survived to the present day. In 1984, the first live bands were signed on. Since the 1990s, the Haldern Pop Festival has had an established place on the international music scene, attracting around 6,000 visitors from all over Europe every year. World-famous artists like Bob Geldof, Element of Crime, Paul Weller, dEUS, Belle and Sebastian, and Patti Smith have all appeared in Haldern, and many music careers got their start with a performance in Haldern—including those of Element of Crime, but also Kings of Leon, Muse, Kate Nash, Lykke Li, Fleet Foxes, Keane, Patrick Watson, Emiliana Torrini, Paolo Nutini, The Kooks, Dave Matthews Band, White Lies, and many more.
For further information, please use the festival homepage:

Why "Pop" ?
That's the name we took for the festival many years ago. Those days there were not so many different genres defined as nowadays. It's like the name of the Montreux Jazz Festival, where you will find a lot more than jazz music.

I have a band / I work for a label / I work for a promotion agency,
can you feature me / can you feature a band that I represent on your site?
All the videos on our site are our self-produced. We only produce videos of artists and bands we like. If you feel like introducing music to us we might like, please contact us using the according e-mail address on our contact page.

Why can't I see the videos ?
We are using the Vimeo video service for our videos, which is based on the Flash plug-in. Maybe you need to update it. If you are able to watch any video on the Vimeo homepage, it should work here, too. If not, you might contact our webmaster and tell him about the issue. (An issue we know about is that using the "Safari" browser on a pc might not work for the videos on our site, altough it works on a Mac.)

You are using Vimeo for your videos, why can't I find the videos when I search the Vimeo site ?
This is a feature of the Vimeo Plus service. We decided to make the videos only available on our site. A few exceptions may be made. Please understand that copyrights and agreements are also issues here.

Why don't you have any videos of my favourite band ?
That depends, maybe we only don't have them yet. All the videos on our site are our self-produced and such a production is a matter of time, money and off course copyrights. We only produce videos of artists and bands we like, which means we recorded them live at the Haldern Pop Festival or another occasion or we arranged a concert, session or talk with them. This website will constantly grow.

Why don't you have the new music video of XY?
All the videos on our site are self-produced. For the regular music videos, there are other websites.

What's with the cow ?
Cows live here at Haldern. They always have and probably always will. We like cows.

Why can't I post a comment for the videos ?
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How do I know when there is a new video available ?
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