About Haldern Pop Televisions

“Haldern Pop Televisions” goes online
Haldern Pop Festival launches international online video platform

The sense of wistful nostalgia that follows the Haldern Pop Festival every year has finally come to an end. Just in time for this year’s festival on August 13-15, the organizers—together with video artists SpringerParker—are launching “Haldern Pop Televisions.” The online video platform curated by the festival will deliver Haldern Pop to fans for free the whole year round.

Rees-Haldern/Germany, July 31, 2009 – Europe’s most authentic music festival, taking place since 1984 in the northwest German town of Haldern, now has its own spin-off venue on the Internet. With the motto “Four Seasons on One Site,” Haldern Pop Televisions is premiering its continuously expanding video program on August 1. With this music platform, the festival organizers want to create a permanent “stage on the net” to introduce the artists connected with the festival to an international public.

Along with clips of festival performances, the site will feature specially produced sessions, features, and conversations with musicians from all over the world. This year, nearly 100 new productions are planned, and in addition, around 20 conversations will be published with musicians and music lovers.

The organizers have deliberately chosen not to run banner ads. “The focus is on music, with no distractions,” says Stefan Reichmann, Managing Director of Raum 3 Concert Management, which is behind both the festival and the online video platform.

To ensure consistently high-class audio/visual quality, the site is strictly restricted to in-house productions. “We want it to be pure, no frills,” say SpringerParker of their concept. “We want to create lasting documents about people that have something to say, divided into four sections: Live, Sessions, Stories, Talks.”

For over two decades, the Haldern Pop Festival has been considered a pioneer in the international music scene, thanks to its principle against growth and profit and for the enjoyment of music. One of the secrets of Haldern Pop’s success is its strong regional connection: the festival is put on by a local community that is reconstituted anew each year—a group of local residents who pitch in and contribute to making the event happen.

Instead of working to expand the infrastructure, increase attendance, and boost profits at all costs, the organizers of Haldern Pop are instead focusing on satellite activities that carry the “Haldern principle” further—not just in the new video platform, but also in the label Haldern Pop Recordings, the Haldern Pop Bar, and the Haldern Pop Clubtour.

Haldern Pop Televisions / the four program sections:

Live clips of the artists who take the stage in the Haldern Pop context (at the Haldern Pop Festival, on the Haldern Pop Clubtour, and in the Haldern Pop Bar).

Exclusively produced music videos recorded live in studios and unusual venues. The focus is not just on bands that are already well known, but particularly on talented and promising young artists who are not yet signed to a label. Unique documents will be created of group sessions with different bands and artists.

Here, in approximately ten-minute videos, musical city portraits will be shown; there will also be short films and special features shot outside the studio. 

In private conversations, musicians talk about their lives, tell their stories, what moves and motivates them, and relate personal anecdotes.